Having spent years in Retail management, I changed career a couple of years ago, and studied Reflexology at the Oxford School of Reflexology, followed by Indian Head massage and Hopi Indian Ear Candling. Whilst at OSR a tutor, who is also an herbalist, told us of the wonderful world of weeds! Their properties and how they could help us. I was inspired. To regain lost herb lore and use natural herbs from the garden and countryside, preferably without exhaust fumes all over them was the way forward, not only for myself but everyone. The best thing about all this, besides being free of all the chemicals and additives, is that it can save money too! I now run Hebal Retreats in France and the UK, introducing people to Herbs and how to use them and Relaxation. Both have been neglected in many lives. Both can help us rebalance our bodies and minds. Now how good is that!


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